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About the New Zealand Software Association About the New Zealand Software Association
The New Zealand Software Association is the premier software industry networking organisation in Auckland, enabling business growth by facilitating connections, professional development and support.

We are thankful for the contribution of our sponsorship partners: Hudson Gavin Martin, IBM, UKTI & Ubiquity.

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The NZSA provides support, resources and information to assist New Zealand software companies to grow and develop on their pathway to export success. Our membership includes many of the country’s top software leaders, strategists, investors, influencers and supporters.

The NZSA has been supporting companies wanting to export for well over 25 years, longer than the internet has been around and since a time when a fax machine was the best way to communicate quickly. It meets a real need of kiwi exporting companies to have a forum to learn, network, sage experiences and learn from those that have gone before. If you are serious about growing a high tech business in New Zealand you need to be a part of it.John O’Hara, Ice Angels Investor
The NZSA started as a self-help group, sharing knowledge and experience to drive the New Zealand software industry to global success. An outstanding list of speakers have appeared at NZSA events. It’s a simple formula – listen, learn and then network with your peers.Peter Dickenson, CEO, Greentree International