NZSA Event July 2012 with Shane Bradley Founder of IdeaHQ

Shane Bradley – NZSA Networking Event July 2012
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Shane is the founder of IdeaHQ and an entrepreneur who has created and managed his own successful businesses for more than a decade since leaving school aged 16. Shane is passionate about supporting New Zealand businesses and entrepreneurs, hence the IdeaHQ concept and various other investments he has in the business community.

Shane’s most recent business,, was acquired by Yellow Pages in 2009. was started in September 2004 and grew rapidly to become NZ’s 2nd largest online business directory (behind Yellow Pages) with over 215,000 businesses listed and 750,000 users per month.

Shanes desire to start IdeaHQ was due to his belief that such a concept would have fast tracked his early business years, largely through not making simple mistakes. Shanes aim is to pass on his first hand lessons to the young entrepreneurs coming into IdeaHQ.

Shane is a firm believer that hardwork and sound strategy rather than “bucketloads” of cash is what makes great businesses. He talks and walks this belief.

Shane is the CEO of IdeaHQ and is very hands on. Through investing his own money in the business, Shane is very conscious that capital invested in each IdeaHQ business is applied in the most optimal way.

He is CEO of, which is wholly owned by IdeaHQ and the fastest growing business within the group.

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