Legal Templates

NZSA Standard Legal Contracts Available to Company Members

Company members of the NZSA are able to access a suite of standard legal contracts that can be tailored to meet their specific requirements (if you have an Individual or Small Company membership you can upgrade to the Company membership – please see below).

Use of the suite of contracts is included with the annual Company membership, which represents exceptional value. The contracts are provided by one of our sponsors, Hudson Gavin Martin, which is a boutique commercial and corporate law firm that specialises in technology and intellectual property law. The contracts are commonly used by businesses in the New Zealand software industry and are suitable for low value and low risk transactions. For higher value transactions, or where there is greater risk, you should consult your lawyer or contact Edwin Lim from Hudson Gavin Martin (please mention you are a member of the NZSA) who is happy to help you.

The current contracts included in the suite are:

  • Software licence
  • SaaS licence
  • Support agreement
  • Development agreement
  • Distributor agreement
  • Reseller agreement
  • Independent Contractor agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement

Hudson Gavin Martin will keep these contracts updated and will provide at least two new documents per year (these documents could be legal templates, checklists, guidelines, policies or other documents that Hudson Gavin Martin considers will be useful to NZSA members). If there’s a particular document you would like considered for inclusion in the suite of contracts, please contact Edwin Lim from Hudson Gavin Martin

Upgrade if you are currently an Individual or Small Company Member

If you are an Individual or Small Company member and wish to have access to the contracts, you can simply upgrade to a Company membership by paying the difference in price between the Company membership and your current membership category (i.e. if you are an Individual you can upgrade to Company membership by paying an additional $296+GST, and if you are a Small Company you can upgrade by paying an additional $220+GST). Membership upgrades are effective from the date that you pay the additional fee and you will be entitled to all of the benefits of Company Membership from that date until the remainder of the term of your current annual membership.

If you would like further information about these contracts or wish to upgrade to Company membership, please contact